There Once Was a Spider…..Quilt

I am a procrastinator by nature.  I get a lot done, but sometimes the ideas have to compost in my head for several days, weeks, months and even years.  I have wanted to start a journal to serve as a place to write about my creative ideas and plans in the hope that I will be motivated to keep the projects moving along. 

The inspiration to finally do it came while reading this post from Tallgrass Prairie Studio about Amy’s Fall Quilt Festival.  I definitely felt the nudge.   Since the first quilt I ever made was visiting my house I thought it was perfect timing. 


Several years ago, my son asked me to make him a spider quilt.  He was 17 and I was not really a quilter at that time.  I made things using quilting techniques – appliqued clothing, quilted totes and doodads.  I was not sure about making a whole quilt.  Let alone one with spiders on it.  I looked for patterns but found none suitable.  Any spider designs I found for applique were quite juvenile and not worthy of a 17 year old. 

Well, it took me five years to finally decide to just do it.  I free styled it and the thing took on a life of its own.  By the time I completed it, he had moved out, got married and had my first granddaughter.  The year my granddaughter was born I became obsessed with completing this quilt.  I finished it just after Christmas and started the new year with a sense of accomplishment  Yay!

Here is eight month old Pandora checking out the spiders.  (She is eight years old now.)

Pandora on Spider Quilt

Now, I have the quilt back because he wants to hang it on the wall and I agreed to add a hanging sleeve.  He is a bit concerned that it might take me another five years to pull this off, and I can’t guarantee that it won’t.  Hopefully this journal entry will serve as motivation to get it completed soon.

I want to thank Jacquie and Amy for their inspirational and entertaining blogs!


16 Responses to “There Once Was a Spider…..Quilt”

  1. Mikol Says:

    What an original piece, it is beautiful…even with the spiders. 🙂

  2. Julie Bagamary Says:

    WOW – what an intersting quilt.

  3. Nina-Marie Says:

    Wow – amazing – it makes you want to go up and touch it and feel and feel!

  4. Marika Says:

    Nice the duvet ,but the baby miracle nice!:))
    Marika Hungary

  5. marie Saborio Says:

    Amazing Quilt it looks so soft and velvety. Congrats!!!

  6. Zonnah Says:

    wow, this is so cool!

  7. SaraRules Says:

    This is absolutely awesome! I love it! The pattern you came up with is simply fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nebulous Says:

    Thank each and everyone of you for commenting on my quilt. I am blown away by the creativity and convivialty that runs rampant through the quilting community.

  9. QuiltSue Says:

    Amazing quilt.

  10. Allie Says:

    Oh Wow! This quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Rene' Says:

    Too cute!!! Especially with your granddaughter hanging out on the quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Angie Says:

    How great, you finished it eventually, so that counts!

  13. Diane Says:

    Wow! Very dramatic!

  14. Meguey Says:

    That is amazing! My 13 year old son also loves all things buggy; I’m glad your granddaughter likes it too.

  15. Diane Says:

    This is super cool!

  16. Mimi Says:

    This quilt is unusal and very good looking. Seems to me today would be a good day to sew a sleve so that said quilt can be enjoyed by many.

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